Jan 20

I had an instance where UCS Director would not allow any new update patches to be installed, constantly telling me I needed 20GB free. After deleting old patches, database backups and anything else I could find I finally got the free space to display 20GB.

At last I can install updates…. NOT!

Seems having 20GB free is not the same as having 20GB free to install updates…what gives? So I needed to add space to my primary disk.

I am running version 6.5 which already required a second 100GB disk for the database so I chose to only add 20GB to my primary disk. Feel free to add more or less because now you will have the instructions!

Shows disk information prior to adding 20GB.

Now add the additional space to the virtual machines’s primary disk. After the space is increased you should also take a snapshot before proceeding! Once you are done reboot the virtual machine.

Once rebooted fdisk – l now shows the increased disk space.

Now we can put that new space to good use by extending the sda3 partition using fdisk /dev/sda

Using the p command you can see the partition information.

Now let’s select the disk and partition to work on. Enter d, then 3, then n and p. This will re-partition partition 3 by extending the cylinder boundary.

Now we just have to write the new information using w and reboot!
Ignore the warning message displayed above, a restart of the virtual machine is expected.

After the virtual machine is up, resize2fs /dev/sda3 and reboot one more time.

Once the virtual machine is back up you can see the /dev/sda3 is now using the extended space and is ready for you to install updates!

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